Easy way to get freebiejeebies referrals?

Easy way to get freebiejeebies referrals?

Postby bogdan » Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:33 pm

I'm trying to get an iMac from FreebieJeebies. However, the part i'm struggling on is getting my referrals. I was wondering, is there an easy way to get referrals, or a good site where I can post my link to get some referrals? I need 43...
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Easy way to get freebiejeebies referrals?

Postby chirayu » Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:34 pm

I have 3 great websites to get real referrals. They are ProgramRefs, SimpleRefs, and GetRef. I signed up to all three and have already got a bunch of referrals from them. I would suggest you create a longgg downline of people, because for every credit they get, you can get 15% or 10% of that. So you can earn without actually doing anything. How it works is, you can click on links, sign-up to other peoples programs, to get credits or you can just buy them. Then you spend those credits to add your link to the website and people will signup under that link to get credits that they can use to get referrals on their own program! It's really easy, and you should try it!

Thanks :)

The links are:
ProgramRefs: http://www.programrefs.com/?ref=riley123
SimpleRefs: http://www.simplerefs.com/?ref=riley123
GetRef: http://www.getref.com/index.asp?id=RILEY123

P.S. All the links here are my referral links. If you don't want to sign-up under my referral link for whatever reason just take off the end part :)
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Easy way to get freebiejeebies referrals?

Postby darcy » Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:36 pm

lol at the ignorant people.

i personally aimed small when i started freebiejeebies so i could then show my friends my real ipod nano and get more to sign up (only 5 referrals)

and as you can see from the other person, its a good idea to make sure they realise they to can get an iMac if they sign up for you so its a win win.

When you say the part your struggling with is getting the refs, that's because its the only hard bit, completing an offer is easy peasy (although people still seem to be able to screw it up) there is no easy way, even getting your friends to sign up is hard unless you pay them (pay them £5 and you get £20 it works out well)

if you can make a good site and get on page 1 of google then youll get a good load of referrals.
Otherwise stick to friends and family, and aim lower because 43 is an awful lot

Good luck anyways
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Easy way to get freebiejeebies referrals?

Postby kaleb62 » Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:50 pm

think about it reverse would you join to make someone else get an IMAC ?

nope !

i never did never will unless i'm making money or get something of value from them

so as they say in NYC

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