What is the resell value of a used iMac?

What is the resell value of a used iMac?

Postby gaizka99 » Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:02 am

I'm thinking of purchasing an iMac and I want to know what its resale value is going to be like compared to Macbook Air or Macbook Pro in the future.
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What is the resell value of a used iMac?

Postby bensson40 » Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:06 am

I used gadgetvalue.com to check the price of a used 2008 Apple Macbook with a 2008 Apple iMac, assuming the two computers have the same processor type and speed, same amount of RAM, hard disk size, DVD RW drive, integrated video, etc... Even though the Macbook has a much smaller screen (and all else being equal), the Macbook had 20% more value than the iMac ($627 vs $522).

This doesn't, however, take into account the decline in price over time, which is the real measure of cost-of-ownership (ie, unrecaptured depreciation). If the Macbook were much more expensive to purchase initially, this "cost of ownership" number may be higher, even though the retained value will be more.

For example, I seem to recall that an iMac might be priced in the $1100 range (thereabouts) whereas the Macbook commands a higher price, more in the $1300 - $1400 range for the non-pro models). If the difference in residual value is about $100, the a difference in purchase price of more than $100 will mean that the lower-priced machine retains more value overall, and is the lowest cost-of-ownership, all else being equal.

Here's an example of the GadgetValue price estimate for an iMac desktop PC:

GadgetValue Price

Manufacturer - Apple iMac
Year - 2008
Processor Brand - Intel - Core 2 Duo (Jun2006)
Processor Speed - 1.8 GHz - 2 GHz
HDD - 750GB
CD Drive - DVD RW
Remaining Warranty Period - Expired
Monitor Conition - Good
Monitor Year - 2008
Monitor Type - LCD
Monitor Size - 18'' - 20''
Other Parts (Keyboard /Mouse) Condition - Working

Price range : $522 to $543
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