Can i keep the same phone number when my contract changes and I get a new phone?

Can i keep the same phone number when my contract changes and I get a new phone?

Postby caldwell » Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:05 am

I am currently on my mom's AT&T phone plan and my line's contract will end soon. If i get a new IPhone 4 and start my own contract seperate from my mom's, can I still keep my phone number?
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Can i keep the same phone number when my contract changes and I get a new phone?

Postby meade » Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:07 am

If you get a brand new cellphone with an account then AT&T will make you sign a contract and you will have a new number. However if you call AT&T after your contract expires and tell them you just want to upgrade your phone to the new iPhone, You also have to tell them you want to seperate your account and put it on your name, it's possible. You won't get the same deal then however. It will be probably more expensive than just walking off the street as a brand new customer. They appreciate those the most, they always get the best deals. I can suggest to port your number away for a few months from AT&T and then when you're ready go back and sign up as a new customer porting your number back to them.

There are services out there like http://parkmyphone.com who can port your number to their system and then after a minimum of one month you can port your number away back to AT&T. They have a minimum of 6 month contract however so it would come down to be about $45 your cost if you just satisfied of using voicemail for a month.

Or you can port your number away with a different provider, to a pre-paid account. That will probably cost you more but you will at least have a cellphone to use.

You will have to figure out which one is the cheapest solution for you. It comes down to
- either just seperate your account and upgrade your current phone with AT&T
- port your number away to a service like ParkMyPhone in which case you will either have to forward your incoming calls to another number or just have a voicemail for a month. This could cost you $45-$75 and later you port the number back to ATT
- or port it away to a pre-paid cellphone to a different provider, the price varies depending on what phone you buy it with and port it back a few weeks later.

Good luck! :)
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