Can stolen iphone with passcode be unlocked?

Can stolen iphone with passcode be unlocked?

Postby boise » Mon May 21, 2012 3:45 pm

I had an iPhone 4 that was recently stolen. It was pass-code protected. So far these are the actions I have taken:

1) I called my service provider(virgin) and cancelled the current sim and switched the plan/phone number to a new sim.
2) I requested virgin to block all services with that iPhone ie. no sim card will now work in that iPhone therefore the phonecall feature of the iPhone is no longer of any use.

Now my questions are:

1) Could the thief crack the iphone code and access all of my files, photos, contacts etc. ???
2) Is there any request I can make to apple in order to completely disable the phone/wipe the phone clean even though I don't have a "mobile me" (www.me.com) account???

Help is well appreciated...and well needed. Thanks!
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Can stolen iphone with passcode be unlocked?

Postby ahusaka40 » Mon May 21, 2012 3:46 pm

Keep calling it see if any one answers? Once the battery is flat. If they want to use it they will if they are smart enough, unless it has a self destruct you have done all you can? to use they will have to clear serial numbers etc, and then unlock it and I doubt if all are smart enough? Check you local hoc shops for a few weeks?
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