How do I get rid of the signs of water damage on an iphone?

How do I get rid of the signs of water damage on an iphone?

Postby alter11 » Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:10 am

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet last night and right away I took off the case, took out the sim card, dried it off, and put it in a bowl of rice for the rest of the night. Now it looks like my iPhone is working perfectly fine, but you can see a little sign of water damage on the bottom right hand corner. Is there any way I can get rid of this? Maybe by blowdrying it or something? Help!
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How do I get rid of the signs of water damage on an iphone?

Postby beverleigh » Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:16 am

First off NEVER Blow Dry any wet iPhone, or any other phone for that matter. When you blow dry it what you are doing is pushing the water even deeper into the phone, and also heat is very bad for your phone. If it's only a little showing up in the corner chances are it will go away over time. If it doesn't, and it bothers you too much, you can have the LCD replaced for around $50 and it'll be good as new.

If you drop your phone in water follow these steps and you will have a good chance of it working again.
1. Get it out of the water as fast as you can
2. If it's not an iPhone, remove the battery imeadeatly
3. Shake as much of the water out of the phone as you can. (being careful not to drop it)
4. Use a vacuum cleaner and suck as much of the water out from any opening you can.
5. Put it in a bowl of rice and forget about it for at least 3 days. Maybe longer if was in water for a while.

One of the things people do that damages their phones during this time is they try to get it back working by plugging in the charger. That is very bad. THAT IS VERY BAD. I said it twice because it is so important not to add power to a wet phone. The battery on an iPhone shorts out most of the time when they get wet and that is good., No power....Plug in the charger when it stil has water inside and you can short circut so many things and it might never work again.......I know.....very sad.....
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