How to tell if an Iphone 4 was stolen?

How to tell if an Iphone 4 was stolen?

Postby fredrick83 » Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:43 pm

So I was thinking about buying a new phone for christmas. Im with Verizion. My friends roommate is selling an iphone 4. He seems kind of shady and I wouldnt put it past him to steal a phone. Hes selling it for a good deal. However I dont want to purchase the phone then activate it and have verizion think I stole it and get in trouble. Is there a way to find out if it was stolen before I buy it? Is there a way for Verizon to tell if it was stolen when I activate it?
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How to tell if an Iphone 4 was stolen?

Postby harelache » Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:45 pm

Get the IMEI number of the phone. You can find your iPhone IMEI number in the About screen on your iPhone. From the Home screen, tap Settings > General > About and scroll down. Copy the IMEI number, then present it to Verizon and ask them if the phone was stolen or not. The International Mobile Equipment Identity of phones are as unique as fingerprints, and can be used to trace phones bought with a postpaid plan. Good luck.
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