How do you beat all the levels on Pocket God?

How do you beat all the levels on Pocket God?

Postby myron34 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:07 pm

I'm stuck on some of the levels of Pocket God (for iPhone) and was wondering if anyone can help me out. I'll post what particular task I'm stuck on in each episode and will then put how many tasks I still have yet to complete once that particular tasks is done so that once I get to those tasks, if I can't figure them out, I'll add it to the bottom of this question. Some levels I haven't been able to figure out ANY of the tasks, so if you can post how to do any of those tasks (or all of them), I'd really appreciate it. I'm not much of a gamer, and I've never really played this game religiously until we got the episode tasks update, so some of this stuff I just don't know what it's referring to. Thanks in advance for your help!!!


P.S. If you don't know the answer to any of these, please don't waste my time and yours by posting on here. Thank you.

Episode 4: "Shake it off" (last task)... I know I'm supposed to get the pygmies to hang upside and shake them off with an earthquake, but I have a hell of a time getting them to hang upside down, and when I go to shake the phone, they let go before it makes an earthquake, so is there an easy way to do this?

Episode 7: "Don't let sleeping pygmies lie" (last task)

Episode 10: "Put on some sunblock" (1 more task)

Episode 11: "The feeling is electric" (8 more tasks)

Episode 12: "In your face" (1 more task)

Episode 14: ALL tasks

Episode 15: "You know you like Pocket God" (last task)

Episode 19: ALL tasks

Episode 20: "See food grilled" (1 more task)

Episode 26: "Dead asleep" (1 more task)

Episode 27: "Heart stopper" (3 more tasks)

Episode 28: "Bug the bug" (last task)

Episode 29: "Interrupt the BBQ" (1 more task)

Episode 30: "Catch a stabber" (5 more tasks)

Episode 31A: ALL tasks

Episode 31B: ALL tasks

Episode 32: "Crack kills" (last task)

Episode 33: "Shed some light on the situation" (1 more task)

Episode 34: "Let's play catch" (4 more tasks)

Episode 36: "Am I bugging you?" (5 more tasks)

Episode 38: "Charlie finds religion" (4 more tasks) - I've seen Charlie do the religion bit, but that was before we got the episode tasks update, and since then, he hasn't done the religion bit. Is there a particular island and situation that gets him to say that?
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How do you beat all the levels on Pocket God?

Postby brendis » Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:12 pm

Ep 4: you are right, you have to shake off the Pygmy whilst hanging on. If you cant get it to work, then shake up and down.

Ep 7: Bounce a coconut on a sleeping pygmy's head.

Ep 10: While you have a vampire pygmy, bring up the sun to burn and make him explode. The last task I would guess is making an eclipse with a vampire. Grab the meteor and make it cover the sun, making the vamp run wild like it's night.

Ep 11: Electrocute a pygmy with lightning. The other tasks i can't quite help with, But i'll mention all of them-
generate hurricane (Tornado)
Pick up pygmy with hurricane
Pick up coconut with ' '
Pick up fishing pole with ' '
Same thing with the spear
Same thing with wood.
Same with cooked pygmy (marshmallow pygmy: Build a fire and drag and hold a pygmy above it. he will roast and be cooked.)
Same with Bird (Dodo)
Same with cooked bird (Same thing with the marshmallow pygmy, only with the dodo)
Same with banana
same with banana Peel.

Ep 12: Slap a fish in the pygmy's face. (Tap and drag fish) Do the same thing with a sleeping pygmy.

Ep 14: This one's very easy. Open up the tribe screen (The Stars options, then the pygmy's head), change a pygmy's name (tap a name, then tap the name at the top to change) and lastly change your 'god type.' (tap the tribe name with the icon and tap the icon to whatever you choose.)

Ep 15: on the main island, tap the octopus god idol 3 times. the jewel will glow and it will say "You know you like Pocket God." all pygmy's will then explode.

Ep 19: Open the challenge screen (Tap the option with 3 pygmy heads, then the challenge friends (The cup) option.) play the Coconut bounce game (Simply bounce the coconut on as many pygmy heads in a row), Shark Snap (Drag a pygmy above a shark fin and as the shark jumps, drag the pygmy quickly upwards, and after the sharks snap, bring him back down, then up again due to the shark snapping again.) and Hurricane Zap. (Rip up a hurricane and try to zap as many pygmies as you can as they spin around.)

the last challenges will have to be PM'd or something. it says it's too long. :(
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How do you beat all the levels on Pocket God?

Postby pancho38 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:18 pm

Here are some videos if you want to watch them:

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