Iphone AV controller for Yamaha RXV Amplifier - Does it work?

Iphone AV controller for Yamaha RXV Amplifier - Does it work?

Postby shashank31 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:05 pm

I read the reviews of recent Hi-Fi Receivers such Pioneer and Yamaha. I bought the Yamaha RXV 1067 amplifier because it supports an iphone app that I could use to control the Yamaha receiver eg volume, scene modes, on/off, bass & treble, dock, network, tuner etc. I just found it doesn't work at all after installing the app. I've been asking the manufacturer and checking all the forums. They recommend to purchase the latest firmware which I have done so or to reset the iphone settings which I tried. It recognises the AVR 1067 with an icon but it does nothing. I have been able to stream music from my PC from the next room, able to update firmware wirelessly and with my BD player I can upload various internet channels etc. Does anyone have experience with the Yamaha AV controller version 1.3 - would appreciate your recent experience and what settings you made. Incidentally my iphone is a 3GS and OS version 4.3
I purchase the app on my other iphone 4 but the app still won't run on that phone either. My Yamaha AV receiver is version 3.16 - I've a feeling I was sold a dud. I have checked that the AV settings should be turned to standby and receiver is on. I should have got a Pioneer Receiver. I heard their iphone app is so cool.
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Iphone AV controller for Yamaha RXV Amplifier - Does it work?

Postby unwine » Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:08 pm

I have two Yamaha AV receivers- an RX V3900 and an RX V1067- same as you. I run both receivers without any problems on the Yamaha AV Control app, from my iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. I've never had any problems controlling either of them with this app. I can access any zone, input and DSP field on both receivers, using the AV Control app, and on the 1067 I can also access SCENE functionality, (it isnt available on the 3900) The only thing I cant access on the 1067 via the AV Control app is the "OPTION" function- which is not available for that model.

Double check to make sure your 1067 receivers network function is "enabled". You can do that via the Yamaha's GUI menu. Refer to the manual if you need assistance with how to enable the receivers network functionality. Its pretty simple, though. Once that's all set up correctly, you shouldn't be having any problems.

You can test the network functionality a couple of different ways;
Option 1- try out some of the networking features through the receiver itself. Bring up the 1067's GUI menu on your TV or projector screen, and go to the INPUT menu. Select Internet Radio and see whether you can access it/hear it. If you can, your receiver is definitely networked, because it has to stream the radio station from the internet to your receiver. OR- If you have a NAS on your home network with sharing enabled, or media centre software such as Twonky on your network, select PC/MCX input and all your music should also display. The receiver is DLNA compliant, so select one of the songs, press play. If you can stream music, the receiver is definitely networked.
Option 2- go to your PC or laptop( assuming you run Windows) and check that the receiver is being seen by your network. The 1067 should show up as a device under NETWORK. If you can see it - its on your network, and will hav its own IP address assigned. (as an aside- right click on the 1067 icon, and you can see the receivers IP address. You can type the IP address into your browser and control the receiver that way, if you want. Its a little cruder than the actual AV control app, but it basically does all the same thing - if you ever lose your iPhone/iPad -its a backup way of controlling the receiver across your network)

If any or all of those "tests" work- your receiver is definitely 100% networked. So if the AV Control app still doesnt work- you either have a dodgy app (unlikely) or a problem with your home wifi network, which is preventing the app from giving you control of the receiver.

Hope this helps.
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