Is tara-medium.co.uk for real? Should I be scared?

Is tara-medium.co.uk for real? Should I be scared?

Postby dubhglas » Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:52 am

I keep getting emails from Tara Medium and although she tells me to expect a HUGE JACKPOT she is also telling me that THERE IS AN EVIL ASTRAL – AND PROBABLY HUMAN – INFLUENCE AT WORK. Upon reading this obviously personal message I panicked and cut myself off from everyone around me because I couldn't trust anyone. Even my girlfriend who I've trusted for years. I sold all of my belongings including my iPhone 4 which was my main source of the internet and emails. .

Upon selling all of my belongings, including my house, I gave all of the money to charity because I felt the money would be cursed. In any case, Tara Medium said that I am expecting a LARGE JACKPOT sometime soon so I wasn't really worried about losing the money. (On a side note, I believe the money was actually cursed because after I donated it to charity, everyone who worked for that charity contracted terrible and incurable hiccups! Phew, that could have been me!). I was then forced to move into a cave, living off the land even making my own clothes out of wild bears that I killed using (false) promises of honey to lure them.into various traps I had set up. I lived quite comfortably in these caves for a few weeks until I felt the time was right to make my way back into civilised society. It was when I was walking back into town in my tracksuit made from bearskin (which included the actual head of the bear on top of my actual human head) when I found a lottery ticket discarded on the ground. I checked it and found to my surprise that it was the actual winning ticket! I'd won myself a nice healthy $23M jackpot!! I couldn't believe it!

I bought my old house back, got back my girlfriend (who, by the way, only took me back because I bought her a new car to say sorry for leaving her in the first place) and even got an iPhone 4 again! Then I started thinking, the TIMING of my HUGE JACKPOT didn't fit into the timescale that Tara told me about so I was back to square one. I sold my house again and all of my new possessions. This time around I didn't make the mistake of getting rid of my iPhone but I did get rid of all of my clothes so I'm back to wearing my old bear tracksuit. I have a feeling that people look at me funny when I walk around town in my bear tracksuit speaking on my iPhone 4. People must think 'Look at that bear, on an iPhone 4'.

After selling all my possessions (again) and having to wear this bear tracksuit, I don't have any money and I am struggling to get work. (People seemed to be intimidated by the bear head). I understand that I am going to be winning (another) HUGE JACKPOT from AN IMPORTANT AND UNEXPECTED EVENT THAT SHOULD COMPLETELY TRANSFORM MY DESTINY IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS and Tara has already said A MAGIC PRAYER FOR ME and has started powerful ritual of telepathic magic on my behalf FOR real that will last for 7 days.

I emailed Tara to ask her if she would perform her DOUBLE RITUAL OF ASTRAL OPENING AND PROTECTION for real just now and I'll pay her back after my HUGE JACKPOT which she says will be probably THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY OF MY LIFETIME.

I haven't actually heard back from Tara and it's getting close to the URGENT DEADLINE. I honestly can't afford to pay for her protection.

It got me thinking whether she was real and the ASTRAL – AND PROBABLY HUMAN – INFLUENCE AT WORK was actually something to worry about since I don't have her protection.

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm hoping that I'll make it through this bad time without her MAGICAL PRAYERS and I'll get my HUGE JACKPOT without having to pay for her services if she can't help me for real.

Also, since I'm definitely going to be getting a HUGE JACKPOT (because Tara said so) and I'm single again, I will be looking for a girlfriend to share this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY with me.

I'll also be auctioning off my bear tracksuit for charity.

Thanks for your time.
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Is tara-medium.co.uk for real? Should I be scared?

Postby boyd38 » Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:59 am

Ooh my God. you really believe her? and you change your life and manners just because she said that......??????
look don't believe neverrrr because only ONE always knows everything and our future , our Lord.
once i received mails from Tara after a while i stopped receiving mails from her because she made me think about bad things an unmoralthongs. you've written very long but i only can tell you don't believe.
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Is tara-medium.co.uk for real? Should I be scared?

Postby apevan » Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:09 am

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