What does good ESN or bad ESN mean (verizon iphone 4)?

What does good ESN or bad ESN mean (verizon iphone 4)?

Postby eatton » Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:26 am

When ever i look for used verizon iphones for sale, i see good or bad esn.. what does that mean?
is it okay if i get a bad esn?

by the way, does this iphone 4 still looses calls when grabbed a certain way?
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What does good ESN or bad ESN mean (verizon iphone 4)?

Postby wain46 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:36 am

Verizon activates cell phones by the ESN number (14 digits) which is found on the inside behind of the battery of the cell phone. When a user who has verizon decides to sell his used cell phone and gives it to another person, Verizon checks the ESN number of that cell phone before they activate it. If that cell phone is tied to the person or previous owner who has a outstanding balance due or there is amount on their account that is not paid then Verizon will say that ESN number is bad and so that cell phone can never be activated again. So the person who bought that used cell phone from the previous owner is out of luck since he or she can't activate that cell phone by Verizon.

If the ESN number is good then the person who bought the used cell phone or if his friend gave him the used cell phone, then there should be no problem activating the cell phone. It means the previous owner account was in good standing and there are no issues activating that used cell phone with a new account for the new person.

So with any Verizon cell phone, make sure if you buy it online and used to always ask the seller the ESN number. Then you should contact Verizon Customer Care and ask them to check on a ESN number that you have. This way you know for sure if the cell phone can be activated or not. Otherwise if you buy the used cell phone first and later you found out the cell phone can't be activated then you just lost your money to someone online.

The iphone 4 on verizon does not loose any connection when you grabbed it in a certain way.
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