Apple ipod touch power button stuck in, Help!?

Apple ipod touch power button stuck in, Help!?

Postby baldrik69 » Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:35 pm

i bought i off ebay and the power button is stuck in, how do you fix that?

im askin this again due to i cant add stuff to this after i post it,

but i Willl be taken it apart soon also as im waiting for the new screen to get here (should b here soon), so i would like to knw how to fix it be4 i have to take it apart to replace the screen
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Apple ipod touch power button stuck in, Help!?

Postby wilburt » Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:46 pm

You shouldnt buy apple products from ebay, i know they are expensive. But ebay has a lot of fraudsters. I personally hate the site. If the power button is not working and is jammed. no doubt it is broken and has been dropped or had liquid in it, this means that the ipod will break sometime soon, if the hardware isnt working properly then the iOS (operating system) wont be able to run properly. I would advise speaking to apple, obviously they cant help you as you didnt buy it from them, but you could call up and ask and pretend you did and see what they say. They will prob think you damaged it. But the person who sold you it knew what they were selling and were wanting rid of it.

Hope this helped. Hope you didnt waste to much money on it.
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