Good ipod touch apps that don't need internet connection?

Good ipod touch apps that don't need internet connection?

Postby blithe49 » Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:40 am

Does anyone KnOw any good apps for ipod touch 4generation that dont need the connection of internet

:) thanks.
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Good ipod touch apps that don't need internet connection?

Postby athelward25 » Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:46 am

stunk biker
doodle jump
drive bye
the impossible quiz
hit'n run
traffic rush
audi a4
button factory
cube runner
4g ipod touch? Good choice XD hope you have fub
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Good ipod touch apps that don't need internet connection?

Postby zilar » Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:01 am

I don't know if you want paid or real so I will give you both.
These are my favorites(:

-Cut the Rope- it does have a lite version and a holiday version which are both real. but otherwise it is .99
-Doodle Fit- Once again it does have a lite version........... .99
-Doodle Jump- You may have already heard about this game. It has a holiday version too....... both are.99
-Fling- Great puzzle game and it has a lite version............ .99
-Floe- Another great puzzle game and very cute(:......... .99
-Game of Life- The board game app. If you get it on the holiday sale than it is .99 but not on sale i think it is 1.99
-Kiko:The Last Totem- A puzzle game that does have a real xmas version............. .99
-Monopoly- Another board game app. Holiday sale....... .99 Not on sale..... 1.99 i think
-Pictureka- Board game app......... .99 for now
-Super Monkey Ball 2- The classic monkey in a ball game(: ................ .99 for now
-The Sims 3- Holiday Sale........... .99 Not on sale.............. 1.99 i think
-The Sims 3 Ambitions- Almost like Sims 3 just has a highlight on the sim's job. Holiday Sale......... .9 Not on Sale........... 1.99 i think
-Snood- Holiday Sale.......... .99 Not on sale......... 1.99
-Tetris- Holiday Sale........... .99 Not on sale.......... 1.99
-Bungee Ball Pro- Has a lite version............... .99
-Collider- .99
-Bounce On/ Bounce On 2
-Carnival real
-Cube Runner
-Doodle Buddy
-Doodle Find- Has a Pro version that is 1.99 but I have the non-pro version and it is fine
-Doodle Hangman- the regular hangman but i like this version a lot better
-Falling Balls
-Finger Balance real
-Froggy Jump- the real version of doodle jump
-Gobble Gator
-Jelly Car
-Kanoodle Lite- just like the little game
-Hershey's Chocolate Milk- very cute(:
-Knots- the finger version of twister
-Line Up 2- Kinda like cash cow for webkinz
-Mega Jump- I am not sure that this is real but it is kinda like doodle jump and froggy jump
-Music Quiz- Only really fun if you have a lot of music
-Pig Rush
-Pocket Frogs
-Puzzling Penguins- like Kiko
-RedBlockRemover Lite
-Tapic- this may not be real but i like it more than tap tap revenge because you can use your own music instead of the music they give you
-UConnect Lite
-Zoo Toss
-UnblockMe Free- Like Rush Hour but real

My prices may be wrong and I am sorry if they are. These where just the prices I had to pay when I bought them. And again these are my favorites in my o pinon and i am sorry if you dont agree with me.
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Good ipod touch apps that don't need internet connection?

Postby keme » Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:13 am

New iPod for Christmas huh?
Racin games (no mutipple players)
Tap Tap Tap
Drawing games
Paper football
Any games that doesn't require multiple players

And for apps, there are quite a few of apps that don't need internet connection. They're APPS.
Just painting apps, lame apps, and games
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Good ipod touch apps that don't need internet connection?

Postby meldrik90 » Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:22 am

Rockband reloaded
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