How do I put these mp3s on my iPod?

How do I put these mp3s on my iPod?

Postby ramm54 » Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:59 pm

I've got music on my windows media player and that will not sync up with my ipod for me to transfer the songs that way, and I have no idea how to put them from wmp to itunes. Yes, I'm sure if I looked hard enough I could find the answer, but just let me know.
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How do I put these mp3s on my iPod?

Postby price73 » Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:03 pm

You can only do it through itunes on your computer. first the music has to be saved on your computer in My Music or Desktop.

If you can, save the mp 3's all in one folder and name the folder, so you can find it easily later on.

Open itunes then click file. then click 'add folder'. It will allow you to locate the folder so you just click on it then click ok. this will save the music to itunes library.

If you just want to add just one song then click file then 'add file'

When the songs you want are saved in this way to the itunes library, connect your ipod to the computer and click and drag the songs into your ipod music list.

Its all a complete pain in the wrong place if you ask me.
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How do I put these mp3s on my iPod?

Postby riobard85 » Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:07 pm

You may refer to this step by step guide, it's about how to transfer music between Windows Media Player and iTunes, it's easy to understand and works pretty well for me.
Glad to help you. Contact me if you need further help or use http://www.google.com to search for more tips.
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