How to tame a wild, unruly naughty kitten?!?

How to tame a wild, unruly naughty kitten?!?

Postby takumi » Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:23 pm

I have just about the naughtiest uncontrollable kitten in the world, everyday i wake up to him ripping up my curtains, knocking plants over, getting inside my plants digging up the dirt all over, getting in my book shelf's knocking over all my books, biting off my ipod head phones, completely wracking my phone charger, everything i own pretty much has bite marks!

Dispite all that he is the sweetest little thing ever, and after he destroys everything, he cuddles with me in bed for hours, or lays on my lap and gets pets and purs. But if he doesn't have constant attention he will run around the house crying, and when i leave or go to bed at night i think he does this bad stuff to punish me? When i left for a week and only stoped home 5 mins everyday to feed him/clean cat box ect. and give him 2 seconds of pets, he peed in my closet, but has never done it since.

when i catch him in the plants and i tell him naughty and spray him with water; he never learns and just does the same thing 5 minuets later. What can i do to discipline him? & the toys i buy him help him to destroy them rather then my stuff a little, any other cat toys that would keep him busy with independent play?

Anyways I love this cat and don't wanna part with him, but he is costing me so much money to replace things and stress of waking up and cleaning everyday. HELP ME CONTROL MY UNCONTROLLABLE KITTEN!
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How to tame a wild, unruly naughty kitten?!?

Postby peppin48 » Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:24 pm

Hi Rhi,

I am afraid to say that the problem does not lie entirely on your wild, unruly naughty kitten. You really have just as much to blame for all his bad behaviors. First of all, it sounds like you live by yourself and you do not have anyone else in your household that could give attention to your kitten.

If that is the case, getting a kitten is really a bad choice and you are looking at all the consequences. Kittens are a handful, they do demand a lot of attention and care and without the proper stimulation, they will act out, and thus creating the hellish environment that you've described.

All his bad behavior is very typical of a kitten that is bored, unstimulated and lack proper social skills. May I ask where did you acquire this particular kitten and how old was he when you brought him home? These are important questions because if you got your kitten when he is younger than 8 weeks old, you are looking at a kitten that lacks all the needed social skills to grow up into a properly disciplined cat.

Young kittens need constant human interaction and since he is a single kitten, he needs even more. If you leave your kitten at home all day when you are at work, and worse, a whole week with only a few minutes of interaction, you are training your kitten to become the devil incarnate. You also ask about toys that he can use independently. While there are plenty out there, the best toy that suits his need at time time is toys that you and him can play together. You need to interact with your kitten and not just drop a toy and hope this will help him kill time. Kittens are very adventurous and they love challenges! Dropping a stuff mouse on the floor and hopes that he will pounce on it will only work half the time, but if you buy a mouse with a wand and strings attached and drag it along the floor, I can guarantee that you will wear out your kitten soon enough for him to be tired and go to sleep.

Also, kittens do not pee on your closet and destroy your drapery and furniture out of spite. They do it because they are letting out their frustration and boredom and to let you know that they want attention, and rightly so! All his destructive behavior, if you may, is his cry for help.

You have a lot of work ahead of you Rhi. The only way to really solve this problem is to start all training from scratch again and to spend more time with him. I do not know why did the place who adopted out/sold you the kitten would even allow you to have him if they know of your long working hours and your being the only person who will take care of him.

Things don't look good for you and your kitten if you don't change your routine to accommodate the kitten's demand for more time, accompaniment and training.
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