Limit internet time by mac address?

Limit internet time by mac address?

Postby oswell » Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:54 am

Hello is there a way to limit internet time by mac address through a router? I don't want to have internet access from a specified time say from 4 to 8 pm. I want to be able to give each device a specific amount of internet time. So some may have 2 hours some 4 hours or some unlimited access. I want to run a device such as a ps3, pc, ipod etc any time of day but once I use up my internet time the device will no longer be able to connect.

So let's say I have a two hour time limit and use a specific device for 30 minutes and log off then come back on say 2 hours later I will still have 1.5 hours remaining on that device for that day.
I believe a Netgenie router will do this but it is too expensive and you still have to pay extra fees. My router can block internet access but only by time of day and that won't work for me.

I have been searching for a router that can do this but have been unsuccessful at finding one. Netgear N300 has Live Parental Controls but I believe internet access is still by time of day. Can anyone confirm this. I don't want to do it by ip address because the ip address can be changed.

Is there another alternative and please don't say just pull the power cord?

Thanks for your help.
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