Pregnant or not? Unprotected prayer 4 times, 3 days before ovulation?

Pregnant or not? Unprotected prayer 4 times, 3 days before ovulation?

Postby reyes47 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:26 pm

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected prayer 3 and 4 days after my period. (Which would be the 4th and 3rd days before my ovulation date.) (I know this because I chart my period, Ovulation, etc, on my ipod.) I ovulated on the 27th, I had prayer the 22nd and 23rd, twice each night. I read online that having prayer 3 days before ovulation gives you a 75% chance of getting pregnant. I'm not ready to be a mom. I didn't know I was ovulating and fertile. We used the pull out method. He later told me he thinks he came inside me a little bit because he felt a little come out. He doesn't know how much though. We also didn't realize pre-*** has sperm in it. He knows for sure pre-*** came out numerous times each night. He now thinks I may be pregnant. It's been a week since we had unprotected prayer. Yesterday I had lot's of cramping and stomach aches, cravings, I was moody, and nauseous. Today I have a slight headache, majorly increased appetitee, moody, nauseous, and I couldn't sleep last night at all. I was wondering when I could take a pregnancy test and it be accurate. My periods not due for 11 more days. What are my chances of being pregnant, When can I test, and What are some other symtoms to expect? Any advice will help!.
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Pregnant or not? Unprotected prayer 4 times, 3 days before ovulation?

Postby kinsella » Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:38 pm

What do you call pull-out method users? Parents. Haha! I'm just kidding. ...Okay, not entirely, since that's largely true. But still, all good-natured teasing aside, let's see if I can calm you down any:

Since you're freaking out and looking for symptoms, I can easily predict the biggest two symptoms you will experience: paranoia and hypochondria. You should also be warned that the body can do an amazing thing when you're panicked: It can actually produce REAL symptoms just by you worrying about those symptoms. For example, if I told you that craving the smell of clean bed linens were a pregnancy symptom, there's a reasonable chance that you would focus on it so much that you would actually start to want to change your sheets constantly. The same process can give you very real headaches, stomachaches, nausea, cramps, cravings, mood changes, and so on.

So, Step One: Stop looking for symptoms. It's a waste of time and is guaranteed to stress you. A very large number of women never experience any pregnancy symptoms at all before their first positive pregnancy test. Many other women claim they experience all kinds of pregnancy symptoms shortly after implantation, but they really can't firmly prove that these symptoms weren't just normal symptoms that always happen to some degree in their cycles that they just never noticed before. Looking for symptoms is just a highly stressful and highly ridiculous waste of time.

Step Two: While you're waiting to test, go back and look at your iPod again. I think it's really cool that you're interested in charting. But I do have some quick question about your app. There are two kinds of ovulation-charting apps. One of them can be trusted pretty well, and the other one is not particularly accurate at all. The trustworthy kind requires you to input regular daily information, most notably your waking temperature and your cervical fluid (aka vaginal discharge). The untrustworthy kind just asks you to enter the date when your periods start and nothing more. If your iPod app is the first kind, then, yeah, you probably ovulated when it guesses that you did. If your iPod app is the second kind that doesn't require daily data inputs, then there's a very reasonable chance it's wrong if it doesn't actually have the right information about what your body is up to now.

Step Three: In the past week or so have you noticed very wet feelings in your vagina, or noticed any clear, slippery, fluids that strongly resemble egg-whites? If so, then you were definitely fertile and are at high risk for being pregnant. If not, it doesn't necessarily mean that those fluids weren't there-- you just may not have noticed them. However, if the fertile fluids really weren't present, then sperm dies within a few hours inside the normally-hostile environment of the vagina without them. So if you have more information on your vaginal fluids, you would have a better idea of how safe you are. (I recently had unprotected prayer 4 days before my ovulation day, mostly because ovulation happened earlier this time, but there were no fertile fluids, and my period is arriving right when I knew it would today.)

Step Four: You can expect a pregnancy test to be accurate on the day that you expect your period. While there are a large number of "early response" pregnancy tests out there as well as a large number of stories from women that got an early positive, it's actually not that common to get a positive too much before the day you miss your period. Several studies have confirmed that the majority of woman who are indeed pregnant do not get their first positive pregnant test until about two weeks after ovulation, which basically coincides with the the first day she might expect her period. So wait until then to test if you don't get your period.

Step Five: I think you would find Taking Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler. You're already interested in tracking your fertility. That book will tell you everything you want to know and more. I've actually successfully avoided pregnancy for 2 years and 9 months now, even though we only use condoms about 20% of the time. Feel real to message me if you have more questions. I'm an old hat at charting questions.
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