Why can't i put music on a soundlogic mp3?

Why can't i put music on a soundlogic mp3?

Postby smedley » Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:59 am

whenever i plug the usb into the computer, the only thing that pops up is "Autoplay" in a different small window. whenever i plug my ipod, i can sync my music from itunes to the ipod, but i can't with the soundlogic mp3.
the options are: play (using windows media player), open folder to view files, use this drive for backup, and speed up my system.

this is my friend's mp3 and i don't want to give it back with nothing. :(
Please help! :D
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Why can't i put music on a soundlogic mp3?

Postby talbert59 » Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:01 am

I tunes was created to work with ipods,
some non Apple players can work with that software, but not all.

* Also, if you have one account defined (one player) - it will not let you sync to any more.
* If the mp3's were bought (on Amazon, Itunes, or alike) they might be copyright protected.

It sounds like your friend's player is a generic player (according to the options you get when hooking it up)- in that case you can add mp3s you have on your hard drive by copy-paste or drag them in.
Choose "open folder to view files" or "use this drive for backup" and do that.
(you can also open it manually --> "My Computer" --> "Portable drive").
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