Why is there a flickering white line across my ipod touch 4g?

Why is there a flickering white line across my ipod touch 4g?

Postby mogens » Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:45 am

The past few days I've noticed that there is a very thin red line that goes across my ipod touch screen. when there is a light background the line is blue, and when there is a dark background the line is red. After a while the line turns completely white and the entire screen starts flickering. What is happening and how do i fix it? Thanks.
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Why is there a flickering white line across my ipod touch 4g?

Postby lionell75 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:48 am

Apple products tend to be very faulty. It sounds like your having a problem with your screen and I'm guessing its an internal problem with the wiring. I suggest you back up your iPod, and restore it. If the line comes back again then your problem is definitely the hardware not the software. In this case I suggest you bring it to an apple store or send it to apple to be repaired. If your iPod is still under warranty you'll just have to wait 2 weeks until your able to send it to them and they are able to either repair it or give you a new one and send it back. If your iPod is no longer under warranty then I suggest paying apple to fix it. Because the way iPod touches are put together, it requires a lot of effort to disassemble them, and in the process a lot of times the screen or worse, the hardware beneath it can end up breaking, and you may have a completely useless iPod. But if your willing to take the risk, I'm sure there are sites out there that could sell you parts to repair you broken screen. Though it most definitely sounds like your screen has gone, I'm not 100 percent sure. I suggest bringing it to an apple store to have them diagnose the problem for you, I don't think they charge you for that. I hope this helped you and good luck!
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