Why wont my sound work on my mac pro?

Why wont my sound work on my mac pro?

Postby langdon » Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:58 am

okay well ever since last night i took my headphones out of my mac pro and out of that hole comes a little red light ans the sound isnt working. it only works when the headphones are in, otherwise the volume wont go on. ive never had this issue before :/ please help, thanks
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Why wont my sound work on my mac pro?

Postby yusef » Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:03 am

Are you using Windows on the system also? If so go to the windows control panel , locate sound and select manage audio devices. Select speakers. Do this without the headphones plugged in.

Otherwise do this:

'The headphone jack on the MacBook has a small switch for "digital output". The red light you see means the switch is stuck in the "on" position. Try inserting and removing your headphones a few times to see if you can flip the switch. You can also try using a toothpick or paperclip to poke the switch back into the "off" position. If you're not comfortable doing that, take the computer to an Apple Store and ask a Genius to fix it for you.'

Check the jack on the headset if it is bent the switch problem may reoccur. Or if you have another headset without a bent jack, try them and see if the switch resets.
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