Home theater system on computer?

Home theater system on computer?

Postby shuang66 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:03 pm

If I bought a home theate system (Bose, klipsch, or infinity/ Harman kardon), could I connect it to an iMac or to my MacBook pro easily? I would like to have a 5.1 speaker system in my room but there are only a couple 5.1 computer speaker systems out there that I don't really like.
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Home theater system on computer?

Postby gall » Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:05 pm

AMAZING!Is that what you are looking for?
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Home theater system on computer?

Postby calbex81 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:06 pm

Connecting a 5.1 system isn't exactly easy when it comes to computers... I would just look at 2.0 options instead. Also, Bose is a terrible brand, scratch them off your list.

May I suggest 2.0 speakers from brands like M-Audio and AudioEngine?

They'll give you much better performance for your money when it comes to movies, music, and even games too. You won't get full surround sound, but with a quality 2.0 system you'll get the best sound possible for your money.

If you're interested in a 2.0 system, I can suggest a good DAC and a good pair of speakers to go along with it. A DAC bypasses your computer's sound, and processes sound more cleanly and it provides much better detail and stereo separation.

I'm sorry I completely disregarded 5.1 systems... but as you said yourself, there isn't really anything worthwhile out there as far as 5.1 computer systems. I will suggest a few options in 2.0 systems... no need for subwoofers here, the speakers I'm suggesting are perfectly capable of all the bass you'll need.

Top 5 suggestions... Best sound to Least for under $1000

1. (Best Sound) $600 Music Streamer II USB DAC... AudioEngine N22 Amp... AudioEngine P4 Passive Speakers.

2. $475 total. MusicStreamer II USB DAC... AudioEngine A5 2.0 powered speakers.

3. $350 total. Music Streamer II USB DAC.... AudioEngine A2 2.0 powered speakers.

4. $280-ish total... NuForce uDAC-2 USB DAC... M-Audio AV40

5. Budget, but still great sound, $200-ish total... NuForce Icon Mobile DAC... M-Audio AV30

Those are my personal suggestions. You will notice that the DAC of choice in the top three would be the Music Streamer II... because it is simply a great DAC. I own one, and I love it. They're made in the USA, and they perform excellently given the low cost of them.

Good luck.
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