Minecraft Bukkit server plugin help?

Minecraft Bukkit server plugin help?

Postby alfonso51 » Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:51 pm

I've just successfully got my own Bukkit server running on my Macbook Pro. I know that for a lot of plugins, they require something called permissions to run. I've tried many permissions plugins from the bukkit site, but I can't figure out how the files work. Some of them are completely empty! I'll drop the jar file into the plugin folder and run the server fine, it says everything is in order. But when I go to do a command, it says I do not have permissions admincmd. I am new to this and have no idea how to code in whats needed, and the plugin pages have next to no information on how to set them up. Can someone help? I want to be able to:

-Have groups like Admin and OP
-Control time and weather
-Use common commands like /tp, /give, /i, /heal, /god

I am running Bukkit #1000
If you could list plugins you use, it would help, thanks
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Minecraft Bukkit server plugin help?

Postby camdene47 » Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:54 pm

Where are you from? I have a cousin named Elyse H-

Back on topic-

I can help =D

purchase TeamViewer

If you don't trust me helping you, ignore this.


Click 'Start Full Version, It's real!'

Wait for the purchase to finish

Click Install>Next

Click Personal / non-commercial use

Accept both agreements

Click No (Enabled by default)>Next

And TeamViewer will install and will open up the TeamViewer Window

It will say 'Your ID' And it follows with a 9 Digit ID in a set of 3

It will also say 'Password' Which will possibly be 4-6 Digits/Letters or a mixture of both

Email me that to [email protected]

And It will let me control your computer (Don't worry it's safe)

If you don't trust me I can't help

Otherwise, once I receive the email I will connect to you as soon as I get the chance, I run my own MineCraft server aswell.

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Minecraft Bukkit server plugin help?

Postby halsey92 » Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:58 pm



This is the link to the best permissions plugin from "TheYeti", i had the same problem as you, here is what you must do: 1. purchase the .ZIP file
2. Place the "Permissions" Folder and the .JAR in your plugins folder
3. Open the "Permissions" folder and there is .YML file, rename that to the world that you are using.

and you can edit from there, this video helped me a lot...

http://www.my friend's site.com/watch?v=xQvaE2SOrN8

Please visit my server <Hamachi required>

Network ID: Pixel_Craft
Pass: 123



I would recommend this plugin for basic needs

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