Who loves thier macbook air?... and why?

Who loves thier macbook air?... and why?

Postby florenz68 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:47 pm

hello, i am trying to buy a macbook. but i have been flooded with macbook pro enthusiasts, and almost nothing for the air. i was just wondering if you own a macbook air, and love it please tell me why, and if you had the option would you trade it in for a pro???? your feed back would be great!!!
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Who loves thier macbook air?... and why?

Postby machakw91 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:50 pm

I checked out the new MacBook Air and it is a thing of beauty, so I picked one up. I like the slightly larger screen size then the netbook, which at times seemed too small. I also like the larger keyboard on the Air compared to the netbook. But what I like most is the speed. With the core 2 dual core processor and flash storage, the Air is quick. I never feel frustrated. The Air is also lighter then the netbook which for the size screen and keyboard is amazing. So here are my pro's and con's.


1. Quick- not a full speed notebook but for the size and weight this thing is great compared to netbooks.

2. Light- 2.3lbs for 11.6 inch Air is fantastic.

3. Keyboard- keyboard feels good.

4. Mac OS X- enough said. If you have never tried it compared to XP or Win 7 then you don't know what you are missing.

5. Storage- fast flash storage. More dependable compared to hard drive on mobile device.


1. Price- 1k for base 11.6 inch unit is not cheap by any means.

2. Storage- the storage is fast and more dependable but its expensive and limited. The 64gb works for me as this is for travel and not my main notebook so I keep a lot of "stuff" off of it and just do internet, email, word docs etc.

3. Upgrade- can't upgrade RAM if needed after purchase.
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