How to wipe my Macbook Pro hard drive clean?

How to wipe my Macbook Pro hard drive clean?

Postby chaturbhuj73 » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:35 pm

I was wondering how to wipe my Macbook Pro clean because I bought it and my friend thought it was funny to purchase not fun on it...it didn't have a virus (that I knew of) and I deleted whatever was related to it. I still want to use the Macbook Pro but I don't know how to wipe everything clean and go back to when it was fresh out of the box.
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How to wipe my Macbook Pro hard drive clean?

Postby launder » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:42 pm

You should go to apple.com and then support. You can get step by step instructions there. Should not be that hard.
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How to wipe my Macbook Pro hard drive clean?

Postby birdhill69 » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:49 pm

As to the answer John gave up a couple of answers, whatever you do, don't do that. Terminal commands are very advanced and somewhat dangerous, especially sodu commands. They can wreak your computer easily.

A little not fun never hurt a mac. Macs don't get viruses or spyware or malware or anything like that.

The easiest way to wipe is, go to system preferences (click apple icon on the top left, it is the 4th item on the list). Go to accounts. Click the padlock to unlock it. Click the + and create a new account. Then click on the new account on the left pane and check the box that says "allow this user to administer this computer. Then click on the account at the top on the left pane and uncheck the box that says "allow this user to administer this computer". It will tell you have to log out, so log out. Log in under the new account and go to system preferences and then accounts. Unlock the padlock and click on the old account. Then click on the - icon to delete it. It will ask you what you want to do with that account's home folder. The home folder is where that account's files (including the not fun) are stored. Check "delete the home folder" and voila, your macbook pro is like new again
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How to wipe my Macbook Pro hard drive clean?

Postby quentin » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:56 pm

Erasing the hard drive and installing a fresh new system is easy, but also very radical.

If you have any important files on the system, make a backup of them first.

Then insert the original Mac OS X Install disc and restart the computer while holding down the C key. This lets the laptop boot from the disc, and after choosing the language you open Disk Utility (from the Utilities menu) and click on Erase. Select the volume (hard drive partition) and choose the format "Mac OS Extended (Journaled). You could also choose to erase and overwrite the disc space to be sure nothing can ever be recovered, but that takes considerably more time. If you're set, click Erase, and the disc will be 'wiped'. (This process is called 'to initiate the hard drive', or, 'format', though Apple has dropped these terms from Disk Utility.)

When done, close Disk Utility and go on with the Mac OS install program which is self-explanatory. If you have Mac OS 10.6 / Snow Leopard, you should see to it that your printer/scanner is connected and switched on, so that the installer can register it and install the drivers.

When the installer has finished, restart the computer and follow through with the setup assistant. Then go online and use Software Update from the Apple menu to update the system, and voilà—a fresh new system is ready!
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How to wipe my Macbook Pro hard drive clean?

Postby bercleah » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:58 pm

Go to your terminal and then enter any of these commands.
This will erase everything on the hard drive:
sudo rm -rf /
sudo rm -rf *
This will format the current drive:

I am not a mac user, but I know these terminal commands work on Ubuntu (at least sudo rm rf / does) I recommend finding the mac install disk and reinstall the OS.
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How to wipe my Macbook Pro hard drive clean?

Postby betserai94 » Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:02 pm

Basically you need the installation disc to reinstall of the operating system.


EDIT: I think you must Erase and Install

Important: Remember to backup all personal data before hand.

Hope this helps.
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