I want to become a beauty guru?

I want to become a beauty guru?

Postby bruns58 » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:17 pm

So I'm basically all about makeup and beauty things and I really want to start a beauty chanel on my friend's site! I only have a couple questions about how to get started...
The most important one is that I do not have a MacBook and I can't really afford one. So iMovie is out for me... But I'm worried because people say that the Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows 7) isn't good, because it won't accept mp4 files.. is that true?? I want the videos to be high def.
What are some good, real, and full video editing softwares I can purchase??
The second one is if you could give me any video suggestions!! And any advice on being succesfull! Thank you beauties!!!! :D <3
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I want to become a beauty guru?

Postby musaid » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:21 pm

Don't listen to the second answer, don't let anyone bring you down, i started my channel just over 2 months ago and i've become pretty successful having only uploaded 9 or 10 videos, i think i've done pretty well, if you were wondering here's my channel: http://my friend's site.com/talkingcookie17

If you're wondering about a name i lke your yahoo name so that would be great it sounds cool:)

The main thing is that there are a LOT of beauty gurus so that is why you need to be unique: some people are random (macbarbie07) some people are sweet (beyondbeautystar, beautybaby44, macbarbie07, bubzbeauty) some are sarcastic (beautyliciousinsider, jlovesmac1) some are hilarious (i hope i am somewhat funny) but what i'm trying to get at is people like PERSONALITY at the end of the day it makes you who you are, it makes you SOPHIA. If you're not that funny or random just be yourself because people will love your videos if they see you as interesting but try to be fun
Also don't make the majority of your videos like over 7mins because most people don't like long videos, i know i don't
Have decent lighting camera quality
I sometimes film with my camera, and edit with windows movie maker or live movie maker (its fine for me but yeah i don't think it works with mp4) but i usually use my iphone or you could use ipod touch where you can purchase a limited version of imovie, great basic editing for £2.99 or $4.99
Tips to getmore views and subscribers:

Beauty audience, be unique, fun
Reply to comments, good & bad, be nice
Good titles, good tags
Add everyone as a contact
Make your videos a video response to a more popular video
Comment everywhere, be nice i write "id love if you'd check out my channel, i'm 13, and you might enjoy my videos, thanks for even reading this and i hope you have an amazing day xoxo, (username)"
Make good videos, you'd want to watch & subscribe to
Make sure your version is the best of all the beauty videos
Be nice to people who can help you
Do collabs with other channels and exchange subscribers
Make channel look legit, professional
Fill in contact info (email, twitter, instagram if you have those)
Connect with subscribers via social networking site even tinychat
Reply to messages
Popular videos:
6th, 7th, 8th Grade Makeup
Everyday Makeup Routine
Getting Ready Tag
What's in my bag?

Hope i helped, good luck with your channel, please check out mine (subscribe if you likey) and leave a comment on my latest video please so i can find your channel! Xo
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I want to become a beauty guru?

Postby cailin » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:30 pm

Please don't as there're many out there.
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I want to become a beauty guru?

Postby bairrfhoinn16 » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:33 pm

Not sure about programs but back when I had windows movie maker, its fine. Just remember not to use crappy fonts and backgrounds and effects (keep it short and simple, less is more!)

People come to see you, not effects :)

As for advice on being successful...
1) Be regular. Do filming in the same room, have the same intro types / endings, if you add pictures to the end, ALWAYS add pictures to the end of all your movies...
2) Have your own style/angle. People probably click you because they look the same as you (whatever you look like).
3) People like to see the before/after results right at the beginning so put it in with a short bit of music so they know what the video is about.

4 ) Keep personal life blabbing to yourself, always be cheerful!
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